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Each day I post clips from television programmes that were shown on British TV, exactly 44 years ago. I also post magazines, radio programmes and music compilations from the same period. I use the TV & Radio Times for reference, although there are regional variations, so they don't always apply to everywhere in the UK.
Just a few notes on the postings...Firstly, I can obviously only post what is available elsewhere. Many programmes have been wiped and no longer exist, or have strict copyright enforced on them (damn you BBC!) so please don't complain about gaps, or missing episodes / programmes.
Also, if you are a 'sensitive soul', this will not be the blog for you! The 1970s were not a time of political correctness, so prepare to be offended. I do not censor on the grounds of what may be acceptable now.
As stated above, details are taken from a variety of sources from different regions, so they are not consistant from one week to the next, but hopefully, this adds to the variety.
I try to use only legitimate sites, but the odd 'dodgy' site may slip through. For this reason I recommend that you have suitable anti-virus software on your viewing equipment.
All links are checked on a PC, so I'm afraid I can't guarantee that they will work on Apple computers, phones, tablets etc.... although they should!
The odd clip sneaks through that plays backwards, in reverse, is edited really badly or is of generally poor quality. This is not my fault, but that of the source material.
If you want more details on anything that is posted, I can provide links etc either in the comments section below each post, or you can message me directly by email or through my facebook page. Enjoy!

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